How to inject Drostanolone Enanthate

Drostanolone enanthate put intramuscularly, is recommended to inject into large muscles (for example, in the buttock or thigh muscle). Given the half-life of up to 6 days, you should inject the steroid twice every week. Drostanolone is esters in oil, so you can put a steroid in the same muscle, where testosterone is injected. In the case of suspensions, this is excluded. Suspensions are based in water and can’t be added to the oil-based injection. Also, water-based injections of steroids tend to be very painful for many users.

You can use the long esters of enanthate in the background, and for a greater effect to include even short esters of propionate. This will make the cycle more dynamic and will provide more serious results. When combining long and short esters, it is important not to exceed the dosage. It should be born in mind that the use of two steroids will give a synergistic effect. The same applies to the use of the steroid along with testosterone. Without testosterone it is rarely used.

The combination of drostanolone with stanaza is allowed, but the injections must be done in different muscles. Stanza is usually available in the form of a suspension. Another option athletes and bodybuilders have if they want to stack masteron and winstrol is to purchase winstrol in its oral form. Doing this will save the user from more frequent injections. It is also worth noting that whether one has purchased winstrol with a water base or an oil base this steroid can still be painful to inject. Oil-based winstrol though, usually is more painful after the injection. Masteron in either ester causes no pain at all. Not during the injection nor after injection will the user feel discomfort or pain.

At the end of the cycle it is recommended to implement post-cycle therapy with chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). Like most androgenic drugs, drostanolone effects the production of endogenous testosterone.

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