Drostanolone Enanthate Cycle

Masteron Enanthate is not a good steroid while on mass-gaining cycles or taken solo. There are many other steroids for this purpose. If stacked with Testosterone and Trenbolone while on a cutting cycle and the athlete has a great physique already, Masteron is truly awesome. This steroid works wonders when you have a lean physique. That is why you’ll often hear people say Masteron is a cosmetic steroid.  So, if a person decides to run a Masteron cycle without any other steroid experience, with only a little training and a poor diet, he or she will get nothing out of this compound.  To simply put it, it will be a complete waste of time.

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Effective weekly dosages of the drug range from 200 to 600mg. The average dosage is 350mg. But consider this, a more experienced steroid user will most likely run a dose much higher than 600mg per week. Determining the required amount of the drug should be done on an individual basis and depends on the weight of the athlete, level of training, experience with the use of steroids and the presence of other steroids while running the cycle.

Since the half-life of the drug is up to 6 days, injections are most often done twice every week. You can also add short esters, injecting once a day or 100mg every other day. In this case, the basic dosage of long esters is reduced. You can combine the drug with Methane, Oxandrolone and Turinabol. The choice of oral steroid depends on the objectives of the cycle, overall health of the athlete and the budget.

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You can buy injectable Drostanolone right now. Famous brands and premium pharmaceutical quality only.
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More toxic Methane provides excellent results when working in conjunction with Drostanolone Enanthate in dosages of; Methane – 40mg per day, Drostanolone – 300mg per week. For a lighter version of a similar cycle Methane is replaced by Oxandrolone. This stack allows you to improve athletic performance, especially if the athlete did not use stronger steroids previously. It is okay to use this steroid when drying out the muscles and when the lack of carbs requires the support of the body. This is really Masteron’s main use, during a cutting phase!

Bodybuilders start using Masteron right at the cutting phase or just before it. This steroid helps maintain low levels of Estrogen, which leads to less water retention throughout the body. Using Masteron during cutting phases will result in the athlete having better formed muscles with finer details. Also, Masteron users experience better pumps while training and the muscles feel fuller during the day. Those who are already lean with low bodyfat content will benefit the most with this steroid.

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    1. No, not right after your bulking cycle. Masteron is a steroid that is mostly used by competitive bodybuilders, both male and female. If you never got your bodyfat percentage down to single digits, you aren’t ready for Masteron. I’ve seen so many people use this steroid when not ready to yet and end up thinking that it’s no good.

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